The wonderful experience our students had working with the staff at the farm has led to the creation of GRIT, one of our most exciting new programs! 

As we head into our 2019-2020 After School Program, I want to thank you again for your generous ongoing support of our programs here at The Mix at Arbor Place. You should know that your last donation had a huge impact on our students including a successful Summer at The Mix program.  Again, thank you!  The wonderful experience some of our students had working with a local rescue horse farm has led to the creation of GRIT, one of our most exciting new programs!  GRIT stands for Goals, Resilience, Integrity and Teamwork/Leadership.  This new 14 week program will allow students to explore various facets of their mental well-being while at the same time learning to care for horses.


Calling All Champions!

We are privileged to live out our vision, “Inspiring Local Youth to Thrive!” with every program offering.  However, we have also come to realize that we have to spend a lot of time on fundraising to make sure we have the wonderful staff and resources to maintain the high standards and quality experiences that our students enjoy.  We believe “If everyone does a little, no one has to a lot,” Wouldn’t you agree?  And of course, every gift helps to push our mission forward.

Therefore, we are hoping to increase the number of participants in our Champions Campaign.  Through our Champions Campaign, supporters help The Mix with a recurring, monthly gift that can be automatically charged to their credit card or drafted from their bank account. This is a win-win! WHY?

  • We can devote more time serving our youth through the great programs here at The Mix because the support is there regularly.
  • Our Champions supporters also find giving very convenient since they don’t have remember to take the time to write a check or make an online donation… it just happens.
  • It also allows some donors to stretch their giving by spreading out the payments over the full year.

I hope you’ll take a minute to consider becoming a recurring monthly donor through our Champions Campaign.       Thanks again for your ongoing support!