Being here at The Mix is all about being inspired and empowered. Our drive here is to encourage the students to take their dreams to new heights and to cause them to feel like they can climb that high and beyond. In order to have the students step into their potential, however, they need to be safe, physically, emotionally, and mentally. 

Safety is huge to us here at The Mix. We believe that our students won’t be able to thrive if they aren’t taken care of, have their basic needs met, and are able to have provision in dangerous situations. That is why fire drills are a regular occurrence here, to encourage safety and a calm state of mind if there were ever to be an emergency that would put students at risk. 

Fire drills are to be treated as real and serious emergencies by both students and staff, and staff prioritize getting all students and guests out the building in a quick, orderly manner. The fire drills are signaled through an alarm, but also through walkie-talkies that are used to give the location of the supposed fire so all those in the building can evacuate strategically. 

After evacuating the building, students are brought to a field just outside of The Mix, across the street at a safe distance from the fire. Staff then count their students and students are encouraged to remain quiet to decrease chaos and allow their teachers to make sure everything and everyone are okay. 

After everything is seen as safe and normal, students and staff are brought back into the building to resume their classes and activities as usual. It is a priority to make sure that every student returns home to their parents and guardians safe, and happy, and if anything terrible were to happen, students would be prepared and informed. When students are prepared and informed in emergency situations, the scales tip in their favor to escape unharmed. Safe and prepared youth are empowered youth.